Concussion Awareness

Concussion is a temporary injury to the brain caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head.  Concussions occur in everyday life and not just in sport.  Rugby as a contact sport does involve frequent body impacts and therefore a risk of accidental head impacts, and thus a significant potential risk of concussion.

As a parent or guardian it’s important that, in partnership with our coaches, you are able to recognise suspected concussion and support your child appropriately.

  • Each age group will have one or more first aiders.  We are often looking for more volunteers so please talk to your head coach.
  • All coaches have had concussion awareness training.

Taking time out to recover fully from a concussion is far more important than playing in the next game.

  • Concussion must be taken extremely seriously to safeguard the safety and long term health of young players.
  • Players suspected of having concussion must be removed from play and must not resume play in the same match.
  • All players suspected of having concussion must be medically assessed.
  • Players suspected of having concussion or diagnosed with concussion must go through a Graduated Return to Play protocol (GRTP).
  • Players must be reviewed by a doctor before returning to play.

It is important that as a parent/guardian you communicate with coaches/club and teachers/school to ensure that there is a joined up approach to supporting your child’s return to play following a suspected concussion. has a lot of resources for parents.  Below are some useful links including an online training course for parents: