Mini & Youth Festivals and Tours

Match Requirements

Every child who is picked to represent the Club against other clubs will be expected to wear proper clean kit and must be registered with the Club and have completed the RFU registration form. Please note gum shields are mandatory in contact rugby. All studs and any body protection/head gear should be IRB approved.

The club colours are blood and sand shirts, red shorts and hooped socks which are available from our Club shop on selected Saturdays and Sundays as advertised at the club or on the website.

Occasionally due to weather conditions it may be necessary to cancel matches at very short notice and your patience and understanding would be appreciated. This may be for a variety of reasons but will be the Groundsman’s decision.


The Club run a Mini/Midi Festival each year, usually in April, which continues to grow in popularity and must be considered the principal event in the region. 


Each year many age groups go on tour, information on touring can be found at the RFU and from our M&Y Chairman.