Dear Leg-ends,

Please see below for those that I am expecting on the 1st April:

The Yes/No column shows your payment status

Name Paid
Gary Buck Yes
Richard Cobbald Yes
Tim Hague Yes
Kevin McGann  Yes
Johnny Allan No
Chris Jackson Yes
Tim Woodcock Yes
Robert Atkinson Yes
Luke Irvine Yes
Tim Godson Yes
Mervyn Pickard  Yes
Simon Gusterson Yes
Phil Gray Yes
Andrew Gould Yes
David Levien Yes
Sam Hoad Yes
Chris Harvey Yes
Tim Smith Yes
Phil Cosnett Yes
Peter Harvey No
Steve Collicott Yes
Mike Wilson Yes
Bob Barnes Yes
John Creighton Yes

For those that need to pay, please get in touch.  

If you cannot commit then please let me know urgently. If I don’t hear from you to let me know you cannot make it then you will be allocated a lunch and we will be invoiced for your lunch.