St Ives II 22-27 Cambridge Exiles

Sadly a family event prevented me from being at the match, so I asked for a report. This came from a number of sources so I thought I would add it – as the great Alan Banks would say – verbatim!

[11:26] Dick: Could someone record at least the scorers? Even better if someone would write a match report!!!

[11:26] Dick: @Cadge?

[11:39] Jules: Fine by me

[11:41] Dick: Please ask!

[11:41] Dick: And good luck

[13:16] Big Alex: Lads we have a couple of guys stuck and in need of rescuing can anyone make it to the Sainsbury’s at Eddington to give them a lift?

[13:20] Jules: Sorting out issues with @Justin‘s car breakdown. Will be there in 25 minutes. Apologies

[13:26] Elie: Can be there in 15 but we’ll arrivé in St Ives after 2pm

[13:26] Big Alex: That’s fine buddy

[13:26] Big Alex: I’ve sent you the location

[13:31] Justin: Thank you @Elie

[13:31] Kennedy: Legend

[13:47] Reedo: @Coach Daniel, how’s the journey? ETA?

[13:48] Reedo: @Elie have you located and retrieved our stray players ? 

@Jules, what’s your ETA ?

[13:48] Big Alex: We are 5 mins out with the kit

[13:50] Reedo: That’s great!! Don’t worry about the kit, playing in skins today👍(being as it’s wet and everything, harder to tackle and all that!👍)

[13:56] Justin: Sorted and on our way

[14:08] Kieran: Go well today lads

[14:19] Dick: Good luck guys! Let us know the score

[16:12] Justin: Win 27-22

[16:17] Dick: Brilliant! Good game?

[16:27] Jules: Good

[16:27] Jules: Stank of manure

[16:27] Jules: Shit conditions

[16:29] Dick: It’s built next to a chicken farm. Always has smelled,  always will!

[16:30] Kylie: Made it harder for ourselves with penalties for offsides and high tackles. Shit conditional made a good amount of handling errors from either side but still a win

[17:35] Coach Daniel: The lads played well but we almost lost it

[17:35] Dick: How come?

[17:35] Coach Daniel: We were twelve up with ten minutes to go and they scored. I went behind the posts and told them to kick it into the bottom corner, as if they went 100m uphill to score, good luck to them. So, what did they do? Kicked it short! Five minutes later we were under our posts again with the scores tied. I gave them a piece of my mind and told them to f*ing kick the f*ing kickoff to the f*ing bottom corner. I think it went in as we kicked off there, won a line out and drive over for the winning score.

[17:40] Dick: Thank goodness for that

[18:07] Reedo: Dick, match “report” ish!!

As expected delays from the weather and cars breaking down, put the team behind before they even took to the field!

Nevertheless, 15 managed to start, on a wet but well drained pitch, it was a very even contest throughout, with scores being exchanged all through the first half, @Will, @Nathan and @Sam all made an immediate impact in what were  atrocious conditions, unfortunately that seemed to be reflected in a string of never ending penalties awarded against the Exiles, the backs being deemed off side 11 times in the first 8 minutes!

Honours almost even at half time, replacements being deployed and the set piece steadily improving, so much so in fact that the excellent Exiles front row of @Cadge, @Fraser and @Alex converted pressure into dominance, giving our scrum a real advantage, all going well, and winning our ball and theirs, until an injury early in the second half to one of their front row facilitated uncontested scrums, again a string of quite puzzling penalties award against the Reds, only served to slow the game and any progress the team tried to make, scores exchanged again through the second half, with Cambridge hanging on to a slim lead to see them over the line when the referee blew for “no side”. 

A very wet day, atrocious conditions and many mistakes exasperated by unsympathetic officialdom, never the less, a 100% effort from each and every team member, gave the Exiles their third and well deserved win of the season!!! 

Something like that… anyway @Jules might be able to fill in the gaps and add a few names, but over all a great effort played in borderline conditions, with a tough referee!!

Hope this helps…. a bit !

[18:58] Dick: Brilliant thanks @Reedo – I’ll turn that into something.

[18:59] Dick: Scorers would be good and anything else anyone can add. @Coach Daniel gave me a report of the last few minutes…

[19:25] Jules: Pack scored a mauling try, @Cadj was the person that dotted down

[19:26] Jules: That was the last try

[20:04] Dick: The other four? Any ideas?

[20:11] Jules: @Fraser got one I’m sure

[20:11] Jules: @Will too (I think)

[20:12] Dick: @Will one too, or @Will two? 🤣

[20:13] Jules: Erm. I shall enquire

[20:14] Coach Daniel: Who scored the try when we hit the short ball off 10?

[20:14] Jules: All, apart from @Cadge’s amazing 55m sprint slaloming around the flailing hands of beaten defenders hanging onto the back of a maul and driving over, who else scored tries?

[20:19] Cadge: Pretty sure it was closer to 70m @Jules

[20:20] Jules: 7.0m you mean?

[20:21] Cadge: I did step a lot of players in those 7.0m though

[20:23] Jules: Uh huh…

[20:24] Reedo: Step, turn, dummy, hand off, chip through and gather, dab down, celebrate! 


[20:27] Cadge: I hope that makes it into your match report

[20:36] Dick: Something along those lines…

[20:49] Reedo: top effort from the boys Saturday, @Jules was brilliant, best game I’ve seen him play!!! The 23s though made the real difference 👍


Alex Howell, Fraser Jones, David Cadwalladr, Elie Hammou, Julian Mannion, James Kennedy, Ted Watts, Nathan Crow, Nick Apps, Will Dorasamy, Patrick Adeleye, Sam Burke, Kyle Kotkin-Smith, Freddy Rhead, Patrick Mangell

Replacements: Justin Attelsey, Ross Hemmings


Tries: Will, Fraser, Cadge, Sam, Patrick M

Conversion: Will