Mildenhall Red Lodge 22-36 Cambridge Exiles

After waiting for Julian’s match report for the Mildenhall game back on 18th November, Kyle has kindly sent me this. It may get edited if Julian ever comes up with the goods! (To be fair to him, he has been under a lot of time pressure recently – and he’s a top bloke too!)

The game started off strong with Kyle getting a clearance kick, which got us a 50/22 after receiving and going through a couple of phases. We got ourselves into a great position and used the forwards until Nathan broke the Mildenhall line to score a try. With no tee to hand since Tim had to run to pick up his daughter who was stranded on the M11, Kyle tried to drop the goal and missed.

Mildenhall took the restart and put us into our 22. We went for the exit, and Mildenhall couldn’t break through our defensive line and had to resort to getting it to their quick wingers who put it over for a try. The Mildenhall number 4 took the conversion, and slotted it over from the touch line.  

Once we took the restart, Mildenhall came back strong and got it back to the backs and with a missed tackle from Kyle, Mildenhall’s 13 ran it over and scored. The Mildenhall number 4 lined up his shot from the touch line again and hit it well for it to drift right and miss. 

We kept making it hard for ourselves with small mistakes in the rucks and off loading it in tackles instead of playing simple rugby. Mildenhall were great in the rucks and turned the ball over. Mildenhall forwards were making great ground and offloaded the ball to the winger who broke through the edges. The winger scored under the posts, making an easy conversion for Mildenhall.

Kyle’s injury came up and took him out of the game. John (his first game) moved from outside centre to 10 and Patrick A came on at 13. 

The last 10 minutes of the first half was sloppy with Cambridge making it incredibly difficult for themselves.

At half time, Julian gave strict instructions to not offload when the offload was not guaranteed. Then, in one of the first penalties, Cambridge secured through effective defence, Julian took the tap and went and decided to pass straight to Mildenhall. Winning Julian the Dick of the Day award.

After another penalty turn over, Cambridge took the penalty quickly, passing it down the line in effective offloads allowing Patrick M to break round the edges and run from Cambridge half all the way score under the posts. Elliot took his first conversion and got the extra two points. 

Nathan soon followed this by scoring his own try by running through the middle of the Mildenhall defence and scoring under the posts, giving Elliot another chance to get the conversion. 

Elliot took some of the penalties quickly by himself and smashed into the Mildenhall defensive line with no fear. After one of the tap and goes, the ball came out quickly to the backs, who offloaded expertly down the line to Patrick M for a second try. Elliot unfortunately missed this conversion.

Cambridge looked to be the much stronger side, and even though Mildenhall would make ground into the Cambridge half, Mildenhall was unable to get past the defensive line. Cambridge in fact turned the Mildenhall attack into a Cambridge attack by turning the ball over and sending the ball to the wing. Will got the ball on the wing in the Cambridge half and managed to run along the touch line through a couple of Mildenhall players and kept the ball live. A few phases afterwards and the ball made its way to the other wing where Elliot got past the Mildenhall defence and scored. He unfortunately missed his conversion.

Patrick A made an amazing run getting through the defensive line then offloaded the ball to Patrick M who scored under the posts and Tom got a conversion.

Alex Howell, Justin Attelsey, David Cadwalladr, Elie Hammou, Julian Mannion, Toby Briggs, Marcus Wood, Nathan Crow, Tom Critchley, Kyle Kotkin-Smith, Elliot Humphreys (U18), Patrick Mangell, John Rae, Will Smeeton, Jake Mair
Replacements: Ted Watts, Patrick Adeleye

Tries: Nathan 2, Patrick M 3, Elliot
Conversion: Elliot 2, Tom