Here’s an example of the sort of thing we can do with the header.  The Champ image on the left (desktop only) and a post slider on the right.

We’d need to work on the styling. I don’t really like the big red box but we have a fixed text colour so we could only lose it if we choose some image standards to contrast against the text.  We can have a read more button if you like, but to me its a distraction compared to just clicking on the title.

I made a special category “Special: Header Announcement” for any post you (or I) create.  These will be shown in the header for as long as they have this category.  They appear in new to old order if we have more than one at at time, but I can make this random if that’s preferred.

If you want to have a small amount of text appear in the header, like I have done here, add it as an Excerpt.

You can add category “News: Club News” as well if you like and the same will appear in our News sections.  As you can see I tagged some of the recent news items as Header Annoucements as well, but I presume we would use announcements very selectively?

We can have this header appear on whatever pages we choose.  Ranging from just the home page to all Rugby pages.

Hope this all makes sense.

That waving hand is giving me a headache!